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Hi everyone I've been trying to run this game since a long time, I got it working fine (I can open and play it) but I always have the same issue: Text loads as if always were at lowest message speed even if it's faster (in this case it gets lagged like frozen for a few seconds which is the same time as it had to load). At lowest message speed it works fine but it is just too slow. Sound, images and voices work fine it's just the message speed, I have trying some config settings in game but without any improvement, I also tried patch 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 but it's the same. Until now the only solution has been given to me is that mi pc can't run it because system requirements (I don't think so, it's not the best pc but it should run it fine: AMD athlon dual core 4800+ 4gb ram asus 5450 1gb).

I have tried reinstalling it several times from different places but it's the same error always so if anyone has any idea/suggestion to try tell me please

Geckoey Lurker:

Looks like it's finally happening, took long enough. Now.. will there be delays or not.

Has there ever been a Jast release where the answer to that question was "no"?

Geckoey Lurker:
I'm sure there has been at least a single release that didn't get delayed. Not keeping my hopes up, though.

Either way, do want 'em badges, and possibly the fanbook once we get some info on it.

Hope to download the official version here XD


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