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New Movie Releases

Started by zaku2142, October 15, 2012, 02:33:33 AM

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(This can pertain to anywhere)
So, I'm thinking about going to see the new LoTR movie that is a prelude to the already series on DVD. I also saw Dredd, which was actually better than I thought it would be, not all guns and explosions :P

Geckoey Lurker

You're talking about The Hobbit, right? Or did I miss a new title for the 784632th time?


I'm not expecting anything good from Peter Jackson due to the way that he butchered The Return of the King.

And I'm curious about the new Dredd.


I just watched Cabin in the Woods yesterday. Pretty good. Not at all scary until the final battle, where there were a few shock moments. Also watched The Avengers BD extras. Very informative. Gonna watch Abraham Lincoln later.


I watched a few movies the past few days.

The Avengers
Resident Evil Afterlife
Resident Evil Retribution
Act of Valor
The Expendables II
Total Recall 2012
Journey II The Mysterious island.


Total Recall 2012, I can't think of a sentence without the word "garbage" to define it.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was entertaining. I really want to watch Looper. Also can't wait for Django to come out.