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Anyone else learning Japanese ? (日本語/English)

Started by Geckoey Lurker, January 27, 2012, 12:20:33 AM

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Geckoey Lurker

Alright, so I was wondering what everyone else was doing for "reading" ? As I said I'm mostly reading anything in JP when I can usually, but obviously.. I only know a few Kanji so I can't go and read anything too deep so I can't read VNs too harsh, though whenever there is voices I can understand most of what is said.. and still only understand half the text. I'm reading some raw manga that have Furigana since I'm not starting my kanji study just yet and I also got a neat furigana injector addon for Chrome and there's also one for Firefox. One of the nice features is that you can set your level of Kanji knowledge and thus remove the furigana off the kanji you probably already know.

By the way, here are two websites where you can find some raws. First one here, and the second one here. You might find other stuff on the second one as well. EDIT : I just found Rawscans too.

I'm probably gonna give a try to that AGTH thing someday.


Hey geckoey, can you give an update on how much progress youve made since february? Its been allmost a year since you started now?

Geckoey Lurker

I would say that everything's progressing more-or-less smoothly, although I've suddenly gotten a lots busy during this year, more than I expected to be, but I manage to squeeze some time to study/read at least everyday.

I've got most of the grammar down at this point, the rest I should manage to learn just by sheer reading and side studies. As for Kanji, things are going fine as well, I haven't been sticking to lists much except for the ones listed here, mainly first and third, and I'm mostly picking up random Kanji from reading. I'm not able to translate anything at a decent level just yet, though, and my reading speed is still pretty slow for now. I've also been letting myself go since last month, but I should pick-up rate after the holidays.

Well, my only issues would be writing and speaking the language, especially because I've been concentrating on reading. Oh and by writing, I really mean writing, not typing it on the computer, I believe those to be quite different things.

I ain't gonna lie, though, I expected to end up way farther than this in a single year, but I didn't get quite as much time as I thought I would.


I envy your capacity to stay motivated. I never was a person of cramming anything but still managed get some of the best grades, so it's quite painful to actually study something by myself.

Geckoey Lurker

I'm actually just like that. I never studied for anything when I was in school and when I did my homework the teachers exclaimed it as a miracle of the universe, but I still managed to get top grades in most of my classes. I guess it's just that the subjects that we are generally taught never really interested me if not bore me to death (which is probably the case for many, many other students out there), and Japanese somehow just managed to make a bit of a sparkle to insist me to study about it.

I find there is also a bit of difference from studying something completely by yourself in opposed to studying through material offered/suggested/forced-on by a teacher.

Although, I can't really say what keeps me motivated. Maybe that a larger part of a culture open its doors to me once I learn its specific language? Could be I just want to read more VNs, too.
The sole reason I even know English is because most games I used to play were in English.


I learned English with Monkey Island when I was 5/6, but I can't say that such a masochistic method is viable at my age. I only got the grammar at school and had to mend what the teachers didn't properly teach by myself which is why it sounds so mangled on certain sentences.


I learned English for 6 months with Sesame Street, I advise against it, after the 6 months of crap I just said fuck it and moved to the states for 6 years.


Sesame Street taught me how to read, so it's not that bad.

Geckoey Lurker

I just learned the language gradually through games I played and people I spoke to on the internet, but I mostly hanged around French communities so it only really picked up when I started a MMO in English without playing with anyone I knew, then I met people who spoke only English and it went from there to now.

Learning a language by jumping right into a community that speak mostly just it is apparently the most efficient way, although I'm taking a different approach for Japanese this time around.

... I just realized I never watched Sesame Street. o.0 I don't think it played around here, then again I don't watch TV much.


My babysitters were a TV, an Amiga 500 and a ZX Spectrum 128K and there were no kids on my neighborhood, only old people.

Geckoey Lurker

Felt like I would bump this just to share some resources.

Actually, I'm simply gonna link to this:
Pretty much everything that I know of which can be greatly useful should be on that list.