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Question for everybody

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Say you have a Significant Other. Now say this SO does not share your appreciation for anime, vn's, hentai, etc.  So you tell him or her that you like these things?  Or do you just hide it?  If you hide it, for how long?

This is my quandry.  Do I fill my wife in on my perversions?  Or do I continue to live my life as I have been, keeping this part of me secret?  She knows I like cartoons (US cartoons, generally super hero related or old school 80's), but what Japan produces is on a whole different level...

Well if she's your wife, you should generally be able to share with her quite a lot, as long as it's not the dangerous stuff (guro, loli, bestiality). Just don't expect her to support your hobby in any form I guess.

Heh, she might even already know it and just keep silent.

Guess I shouldn't let her see me play Wanko to Kurasou then (already played that, so I don't think that's going to happen).  I think I'm going to have her give the anime "Another" a shot.  She likes ghost/horror stuff.

There's being open about something and then there's being dumb.

Hiding your power level at this point is useless. Just use your common sense to let her know about your hobbies and avoid making her hate them by showing her the wrong things or not shutting up about it.

Avoid trouble. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. I've got an image to uphold here. So, if it was me, I wouldn't even let her into my room. I mean, we all hide our porn mags, right? Just because I look like a nerd doesn't mean I'm a herbivore.

Of course, she could have a similar hobby *cough* BL *cough* that she's hiding from you. And maybe if you would be a man and show her everything, she might get emotional and show you hers. But then the question would become, what would you do when you find out about her weird fetish and you can't handle it?


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