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[H-Game] 憂鬱の王国・前編
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TitleYuuutsu no Oukoku - Zenpen
Original title憂鬱の王国・前編
AliasesThe Kingdom of Melancholy - Part 1
Developer小山電脳技研 / Oyama Dennou Giken
Publishers(Japanese) 小山電脳技研 / Oyama Dennou Giken

Queen Sofia is making her triumphant return to the United Kingdom of Stachia
after her successful coronation in the holy city of Eruku.

But the aftermath was absolutely terrifying... a great beast raped Sofia,
and made her pledge to turn all the country's citizens into slaves.
This includes the citizens of theirsubordinate nation, The Kingdom of Desden...

Desden's days of humiliation begin...

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