Author Topic: [RPG] GEKIDEN YOUITAN -EP1- <撃電妖異譚─EP1─> [v1.6 / v18.01.11]  (Read 3493 times)

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* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
Meeting recommended operational specification does not solely mean that
this game will certainly work on your computer properly.

* This is one of episodes in a series consists of short works, of which
protagonist is each different. To sum up, it's D*IV.

* Along with the original story compared to our previous works.

* Recommended for those who:
- love to see fighting light novel heroines face H tragedy
- love the original work
- love clothed sex fetishism
- feel moe toward topless / bottomless
- love prostitution situations

* Basically,this game contains no game over (except some BAD END).

* CG Production: roodokku #2 / Takami Nao

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

Game Information:
Circle: CircleKAME
Released Date: Jan/01/2018
Last Modified:Jan/11/2018 
More Information: DLSite


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 GEKIDEN YOUITAN -EP1- <撃電妖異譚─EP1─> [v1.6 / v18.01.11] (576.43 MB)

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