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Rias Wiedrich was on her way home in a horse carriage when
her mother was killed and she herself toyed with by a vampire...

She vowed to one day take revenge on the culprit and joins
the ranks of the Anti-Vampirical Organization: Vampire Killers.

However, having turned into a vampire herself, she is often
overcome with the urge to drink blood... and the only thing
she can do to take the edge off her urges, is to ingest a substitute.

That substitute, a white, creamy, sticky, smelly liquid... called cum.
Here begins the lewd battle of a just and pure vampire Rias!


Complete quests to proceed the story.
In order to withstand the blood drinking urges, Rias must do whatever
it takes to obtain cum. Which means, all manner of debauchery.
(* including working at the brothel!)

Battles are side view battles.
You can bring other members with your on your travels.
The higher your Rank, the higher level comrades you can bring.

1. Created with RPG Tkool MV
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.
2. Game Screen Size: 816x624 resolution
3. Reminiscence room accessible via cheat mode
for those that are not particularly fond of RPGs.

Game Information:
Circle: Chanpuru X
Released Date: Jun/12/2017
Last Modified:Nov/27/2017 
More Information: DLSite


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 Vampire Hunter * Rias <バンパイアハンター☆リアス> [v2] (460.95 MB)

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