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The Untold Story of Hengshui School is a detective game which sets on Hengshui high school, a top notch middle high around the country, also called “straight A student camp” in which most of the students have entered great universities after graduation. However, what behind this glamorous legend was a “huge skeleton in the closet”. A student named Shen Jige killed himself by jumping of the building. A “lame” police officer Song Tianqi and two students, Li Musha and He Mina, start an investigation on the case. Unexpectedly, this appeared suicide is just the beginning of a shocking conspiracy…

The theme of this game reflects a social problem in China: the examination-oriented educating system which constantly ignores the individual differences and hobbies, focusing on grades instead of social skills, and has no respect for student privacy.
Students are holding on to a philosophy that score is superior than their own emotions and freedom.

[From Steam]

Game Information:
Title: Hengshui Zhongxue Lianhuan Nuesha
Original title: 恒水中学连环虐杀
Aliases: Bloody campus
Developer: Cheng Guang Youxi & Huntun Xianren
Publishers: (Chinese) Cheng Guang Youxi & Huntun Xianren
(English) Huntun Xianren & Cheng Guang Youxi

More Information:


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 Hengshui Zhongxue Lianhuan Nuesha <恒水中学连环虐杀> (142.68 MB)

Password on attachments.

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