Author Topic: [H-Game] JAST USA Memorial Collection Special Edition  (Read 3571 times)

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[H-Game] JAST USA Memorial Collection Special Edition
« on: March 31, 2018, 11:57:42 pm »

These are five great classic dating-sim games that every true collector of dating-sims should try. While the games are old -- they lack voice and were originally DOS ports, although the new engine is totally compatible with modern Windows now -- they are really fun. Season of the Sakura is still one of my favorite games, and Three Sister's Story was the very first game we ever did. We can't help but recommend this collection of classic bishoujo games!

The totally new game engine support anti-aliased graphics, new background features, and more. The new engine that drives the games supports cool new features, including new anti-aliased graphics and screen effects that improve game play. The music has been resampled for better sound, and all game music is made available to users in high-bit rate MP3 format as a bonus on the disc. They are full CG and music rooms, allowing you to enjoy the graphics and music in the games, and many game play improvements, including an updated skip feature, joystick and mouse scroll wheel support, and more. And perhaps best of all, the totally redesigned games are fully compatible with modern Windows OS computers, including Windows XP -- the original games no longer function under current Windows OS systems.

Game Information:
Title: JAST USA Memorial Collection Special Edition
Publishers: (English) JAST USA

More Information:

Download Link (Mega + Other):
 JAST USA Memorial Collection Special Edition (3.22 GB)

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Re: [H-Game] JAST USA Memorial Collection Special Edition
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2018, 04:17:27 pm »
Hey man, can you please RE-UPload, the mega link is totally broken after I tried multiple times in multiple browsers even with MEGASync at the end it says Encryption Failed due to Wrong Encrypt Key.
The other links are all dead..