Author Topic: [RPG] Knightess Airi's Sexual Harassment Dungeon <女騎士アイリのセクハラダンジョン>  (Read 5468 times)

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* The protagonist is a quite man.

In this game you are a dirty minded Prince, trying to go through a dungeon
while sexually harassing your security guard knightess Airi as much as possible.
The lesser her remaining heath results in the game clear, the higher you get score.
However, if you screwed her up too much, it may cause a game over.

It takes approx. 30 minutes for each play-through.
7 base CGs + variations with many pose art and cut-ins.
All scenes will be unlocked upon the first game clear.
A cheat mode is loaded where no game over will happen.
A mini RPG for easy playing.

[Basic Systems]
- Move around randomly generated map to get the next floor by touching an exit. 50 floors total.
- Upon being confronted by a monster, choose one of "Support / Observe / Interfere" and leave it up to your knightess.
- "Support" decreases damages she receives. "Observe" prompts normal H scenes. "Interfere" prompts H scenes with huge damage.
- Upon touching a trap symbol, your knightess falls victim to an H trap.
- Upon touching a sexual harassment symbol, you can choose one of sexual harassment scenes to happen.
- Each values written on monsters and traps indicates strength of effects.
- Score bonus, additional clothing, sex toys etc. are set in treasure chests.

So this game will provide you experiences like these with no mystery solving,
annoying actions etc. You can intentionally make her fight against
strong enemies (or perhaps should rather say H scenes), interfere her fight
to see as many H scenes as possible, collect items in treasure chests...
With what strategy will you get the deepest of the dungeon?

For your information:
- Score and Evaluation are loaded solely for completing pleasure. They have nothing to do with
H scenes.
- You can choose what reward or punishment on your knightess (ending scenes) when you clear the game.

- Re-distribution of the materials AS-IS (/as 'materials'), is strictly prohibited.
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Game Information:
Released Date: Mar/01/2018 midnight (JST)
More Information: DLSite


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 Knightess Airi's Sexual Harassment Dungeon <女騎士アイリのセクハラダンジョン> (285.73 MB)

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The link on this is broken, I managed to download it from another site, but thought you should know.

Anyhow, have a good night.
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