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Games for android.

Started by apecdelgado, January 26, 2018, 04:54:09 AM

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Hi Guys!.
I was wondering if you know some JRPG, RPG, Visual Novels that are available on android. I would like it to be free to play or playable offline. I am hoping that you can share some. Thank You in advance.


There are a couple scattered all over the net, F95 and reddit should have some if you are willing to individually go and search through them.

Alternatively, my friend floated the idea of using Limbo to install a windows OS onto the phone and play VNs from there but I ain't sure if that is possible or not.


I think you can find at least somewhere around a ROM for the gameboy version of ace attorney.
Also, i think that there was a Disgaea port for the android.
As for rpgs/jrpgs you could find pokemon and final fantasy games around. Or you can actually try to play Shin megami tensei games if you are not a masochist or you can't even remember the names of at least 5 pokemon. Its pretty good and old school.
Also some zelda games too.