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H-VN suggestions
« on: August 11, 2017, 07:04:08 am »
Hi, I'm pretty new to the H-VN world, and I'm quite struggling to find new, enjoyable titles.
I've played (and enjoyed) Katawa Shoujo (10/10), Koisuru no Last Resort (7/10), Majikoi (plain, S and A-1; 8/10), Princess Evangile (7/10), Eroge! ~H mo game~ (9/10) and Noble Works (8/10), and pretty insta-dropped Grisaia since I didn't find nothing interesting in the setting nor the characters.

I'm now against some early sexual content, but I can't stand dumb character/free fanservice too much. And can't absolutely stand bad drawing (luckly Katawa Shoujo was my first VN). I loved Iori from Eroge!, and I generally like that easy yet thoughtful approach (also, not embarassed nor meaningless aggressive, but kind).

I'm looking for a H-VN with some deep-ish character and a nice plot/story (something interesting, may it be drama, superpower or anything), and since it seems that I can't use properly VNDB (I can't relate on scores, apparently ^^") I'm here asking guindance and wiseness u.u

Thank you all for your time and your advices, feel free to ask anything, and sorry if I've messed up something (wrong section, bad english, shitty tastes etc etc).