Author Topic: [RPG] -Disturban's'- / でぃすたーばんす! v1.1.3 [RJ181641]  (Read 4549 times)

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Fizz came to town because his cousin said there's work.
She set him up with the job, but the job requires him to sabotage a rival.
Can't be helped, he thought... but how can he do it alone?

* Create a disturbance!
Earn "disturbance points" within a certain amount of time.
Fizz needs helpers. Seek and recruit 6 girls and turn them into effective saboteurs;
this alone is an achievement, but there's a drug that will make everything sexable...
finding this drug is also a goal of the game, wouldn't you agree?

56 base HCGs, 153 total incl. variations

Created with RPG TKool VX Ace.

Game Information:
Circle  : Ice Mouse Temple (氷鼠堂)
Release : Aug/08/2016
Last Modified : Aug/19/2016
Categories : Doujin Game, Role-Playing
OS Platforms : [PC] WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10
Work Number: RJ181641


Download Link (237.36 MB):

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Re: [RPG] -Disturban's'- / でぃすたーばんす! v1.1.3 [RJ181641]
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Reuploud please