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[Light Novel][English] No Game No Life

Started by Alumine, December 27, 2013, 12:40:51 AM

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Title: No Game No Life
Author: Kamina Yuu

Description :

There was an urban legend that there was a legendary, undefeated gamer called [ ], but in reality he was just a NEET brother and sister called 空 (Sora) and 白 (Shiro). These hikikomori siblings who both refer to the real world as a worthless "Kuso Game" are one day summoned to a different world by a boy calling himself "God". In this world, war is prohibited by God and everything is instead decided by a game...that's right, even country borders. Can the two NEET brother and sister save the last of the human race <Imanity>, which only has one city left?

"Now...let the game begin!"

From Baka-Tsuki

Volume 1 Zippyshare
Volume 2 Zippyshare
Volume 3 Zippyshare
Volume 4 Zippyshare
Volume 5 Zippyshare
Volume 6 Zippyshare

Translation: Baka-Tsuki, FateScarlet(pastebin) Volume 6 (ch.3-epilogue)

Edit: Updated Links




Thank you so much for that novles, I was searching this in pdf, but can't fund it.

Raichi T.

Thank you so much, and please add volume 4-6  :'(


volume 4 is partially translated while 5 - 6 only the first part is translated it should be depends on the translation speed for now (both baka-tsuki and nano desu are translating the novels)


Volume 4 has been translated at Baka-Tsuki, could ya add it :D





Added Volume 5...i'll change the pdf once the volume is fully edited at baka-tsuki

In other news No Game No Life is licensed by Yen Press


Yo, i think volume 5 is complete, could you put it up, please? Des.


odd volume 5 is already up (though it's not really edited). but if you're looking for volume 6 it not really completely translated (prologue - chapter 2 are the current translated ones).


Oh, you are right, i was mostly confused by the Volume 5 size .. 2,5MB seemed like unfinished upload.. but only wrongly checked myself..
Thanks anyway ;)


I can not open the link... every time I open it, open and telling me to wait 10 sec, after I press cont, it just re-count from 10 over and over....... :( :( :'(