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The moe Maou (Krum?) appears in the 3 volume. The manga is at the end of V4.

Yeah that's it, but wanted to know about the later volumes, if it seems close to the end of the story and if Krum makes the series go down hill.
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all links is working i just check it
and also no double posting you will get your punishment later YummyYummyStrawberry :D

Since you said it's similar to Denpa Teki na Kanojo, I'll give it a try, I really loved the OVAS, but I never knew that Denpa Teki na Kanojo had a Light Novel series to it as well... Is their anyway you can upload the PDFs for it? Please? 🙇

Btw, the download links are dead... 😞
Thank You So Much! 🤩
I love the manga, I didn't know there was a light novel too! 😍
Thank You! 😄
This sounds interesting, and the arton the cover looks cute, like a shoujo manga! 😊
Could you please reupload the links to the Boogiepop Phantom (ENG) PDF file downloads? The links you currently have available are all dead, please and thank you! 🙇
all of these art book related to kono suba has been deleted please fix it
Volume 13 ePub | PDF
Volume 14 ePub | PDF

Fix Volume 7.5 PDF link
The moe Maou (Krum?) appears in the 3 volume. The manga is at the end of V4.
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