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Should I remove this topic or move it to The Sharing Board? I don't know how to move it, if I can, so taking it down would probably be bes right? I didn't  mean to break the rules, I just misunderstood them. I;m sorry for this misunderstanding
@Netsu; For volume 1 to 10 you can got to the reddit for the volume.
It not the greatest since the translator is not the greatest but it readable and in pdf or epub.

For Volume 11 it is in a weird state, Umm basically the reddit user has a translator is translating chapter by chapter (on chapter 8 presently) and they release it every 2 to 3 months on the reddit page. There aparenntly 25 chapters in volume 11 so it going to take a while.
Thanks for sharing!  ;D
Is light novel different from web novel?

"Web Novel" is the digitally published version of the series/novel which has been uploaded independently online by its author on websites like:

While "Light Novel" is the physically published version of the series/novel when an author forms a contract with a publishing company like MF Bunko, Overlap, etc. where the authors work with editors assigned to them to better their works.

Also, not all web novels have a light novel version which also applies vice versa as there are also light novels which doesn't have a web novel version.

Oh, is that so...
Well, I haven't read the light novel version of world teacher yet so i can't really say much on whether the light novel version is different from the web novel version, though based on my experience in reading the web novel version and light novel version of other titles(e.g. Death March and Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari), there may be some minor or maybe even major differences between both version of a single novel.
Are there still any plans on releasing v8? Or is it still underway?
Thinking the same here.
YP Release:
Volume 1   PDF:   EPUB:
Volume 2   PDF:       EPUB:
Volume 3   PDF:        EPUB:
Volume 4   PDF:       EPUB:
Volume 5   PDF:       EPUB:

Fan Translated:

Volume 6   PDF:       EPUB:
Volume 7   PDF:         EPUB:

P.S : If the links are broken lemme know !!! ;D
The links are broken des.

Oh, it's nice to know this is still ongoing, thanks! xD
CG Only / [HCG] Tsukihime Akiha Tohno CG only [Uncensored]
« Last post by Usagi-Sama on Yesterday at 10:38:55 pm »
Konachan_com_22731_autumn_shingetsutan_tsukihime_tohno_akiha" border="0
The Dencensored cg image of Akiha Tohno from Tsukihime vn also work with the vn version if someone know how to patched it and it's work for me. My apologize, only Akiha Tohno for now. I will consider to deconsored other cg event image from tsukihime vn.
decensored_tsukihime" border="0

Download Mega:!mahh3Ypa!nSJfHvPQ2XeKSTPyscOHxw
Can someone please upload the J-Novel version of The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! (Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!).  ;D
please read the rules for this section if you wanted to post here and to know what are your faults [it always been pinned]...
if not post it on no topic...
Please delete it then. I'm not quite sure where it is supposed to go. The only further back I can go is the Anime/Manga/JP tab. Is that the location?
Thank you!
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