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Waifu Game

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Game Rules

Now let's get down to the basics. This is a game where you select 2d girls and boys from published material(video games, manga, anime, doujins, hentai, western comic books) to be your waifu/manfu. Once a girl/guy is claimed no one else may claim him or her.

So here is how it works; Name the character (Please use their full name), the series they are from and why you like him or her. You may display an image as well however if you do please post it in spoiler tags to save space.

Here are some very basic rules:

1. Characters must be from released material, you cant pick girls before their show airs/before the first chapter of a manga/before the game release/etc.

2. You may NOT edit your post until 6 hours after each round; I will annul any posts which have been edited due to possible cheating. If you suspect someone of making ninja edit pm me and link the post and what you believe you saw in the post before the edit.

3. You cannot pick an entire race or species.

4. Alter egos or "dark" versions do not apply as another character, nor do younger/older versions of a character. Unless the character can be recognized as seperate from it's original clones are out.

5. Girls must exist in published recognizable material and cannot be original creations(by you or anyone else).

6. You may divorce a waifu but after the divorce is announced you must wait 4 days from the time posted to claim another girl. The girl must also wait 48 (2 days) hours to be reclaimed, thus giving everyone an equal chance to get her.

7. Everyone has a divorce limit of 2.

8. I will NOT accept acronyms for source material, so saying TTGL instead of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann won't cut it.

9. No Raging as it is childish and annoying to rests of us.

10. Have fun. :D

I think I'll claim Fujino Shion, from Hatsu Inu by Inu. I just love her quiet and pervertedness. ^^

Spoiler (hover to show)

shouldn't it be Hatsu Inu by Inu?

Oops.. My bad.. :-[ *fixed it*

Mikan from Wanko to Kuraso.

Spoiler (hover to show)No shame


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