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Anime' fig!

Started by Zerokraust, February 04, 2010, 10:43:49 PM

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Curse the ecchi/hentai lovers like us :P


wow, thats one amazing collection Italian_Otaku


@Kureha yeah just maintain this site first before shelling out money on figures lol  ;D ;D

@Italian_otaku meow meow =^.^= lol waaaa you even have Triumphant already?! I dont have funds right now T_T can't buy one yet


I meet her the first time last december :D and the early version luckily havent changed in worst in the final version, now i hope for the Alter, as a kind of Saber, version :)


These are, like, all the unbroken figures I have except for my PG Red Frame which is at my parent's and my Miku who went missing upon arriving back at my uni flat.

Also Yui should be arriving within a week.


Another figure that i waited a year :D


^She does have a leaning issue, am I right? Ill be waiting for "Love is War" Miku

As for me:



Its not a leaning issue strangely, the one that i have see at the Comiket a year ago and the one in the pic are virtually the same, the base and legs attach fits perfectly...its more like a camera position....anyway leaining is one of the curses of the figures.......


I dont know if this thread is dead or not anyway if someone is interested i have done a 10m video showing all my figures :)


In High Definition too :D


whoah that's a lot! I haven't been active a for a while but Im back! haha will be posting some of my share soon


there will be a major update soon and next month i will attend the summer edition of Comiket 2011 in Tokyo :D


Oh, boy! If it's already that size, I can't even imagine after a Comiket.


At the Comiket you can't buy figures :P you can find only preview of the future ones, the things you can buy are different :)

and here my last baby :P

Uploaded with


Oh, I thought that there were garage kits over there.

Her face could've been better, but the rest looks really good, especially, her hair.