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Anime' fig!

Started by Zerokraust, February 04, 2010, 10:43:49 PM

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Wow how I wish I got the BRS Cannon too? T_T (Wonders if someone would give me hehe)


Wow how I wish I got the BRS Cannon too? T_T (Wonders if someone would give me hehe)

You know in a world of figurines...

You can never have enough of them... Even if you have no other cabinets or shelfs to place em in your house...
you cant defeat the urge to go... "Uguuu~".. everytime you see a new figurine... LOL


^ Yeah youre right LOL anyways I have placed an order for her actually, but I still dont know its status, by now I have already pre ordered FIGMA and Nendoroid Versions of BRS hehe  ;D


Shugo Chara minifigure set :D

nice website but sadly my time and my english is not good enough for that kind of reviews right now ^_^"


^Oh ok :) BTW your shugo chara mini figs are so kawaii  ;D


I LOVE this figure of Yami-Chan :D for me the best about her

as far i noticed that website is only for reviews and news and not normal showcase, anyway my collection is old and around the 10% of it is only about figures :D


Wow Yami~chan! I love her too but too bad I think I wont get one of that here in my country T_T I envy you I wish you're my brother hehe


From Odin Sphere this great and big figure :D i am waiting for the others from Alter


^Whoah the stand is stupendous!

Well Here's my share, a bit of a 1 year old vintage figma

Figma Sun Seto From Seto no Hanayome (My bride is a mermaid)

*That's the best I can do in taking pictures of her eh, hehe


Hello guys!

Finally I can start my collection thread  ;D

Anyway, as of now my collection is consisted of 4 large figures, 2 prize figures and an upcoming figma and nendo, and I think the members here (my seniors back when I was newbie here) knows that I first started collecting articulated figures; but time came when I decided to sell them and start building a collection consisted of large figs.

Now enough about that, so in memory of my Articualted figures I already sold (gomene minna) Ill post their pics here too coz they were once part of my collection

Figma Sun Seto:

More Pictures

Figma Shana Enpatsu Version:

More Pictures

Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Ritona Movie Version

Revoltech Fraulein Yuki Nagato Bad Witch Version

Figma Saber Armor Version

Figma SP001 Haruhi Chouyusha

Now Ill start off with what I have right now

First off here's Alter Momohime:

Momohime is a character from a wii game "Oboro Muramasa" She's a princess and that's what I only know about her, just google it for more info.

Since the net is plagued by lots of her pictures I think these are the best shots I can do as of now, also Ill be showing some of her awesome details that made her a famous figure.

First off, we have her base, she's standing on a rock/rocks on a river/stream(?) I don't know lol, all I know is that there's water between it, also her sandal/slipper looks great.

Next is her stockings(?) its violet sexy, and look at those thighs, makes me want to refill my gravy  :D

Momohime wears a Kimono or whatever you want to call it, and has shoulder pads for her protection. Also her kimono is flowery, its floral patterns on some parts are beautiful and at the back you can see a floral patterned green ribbon.

Also notice that her behind has a protector too :D

Her sword is intricately designed as well as its scabbard.

On top of her head you can see flowers at each side and a comb, yes a comb which is really beautiful! Its design is so beautiful that it looks like a real comb.

well there you have it, Momohime is a real beauty I tell you and she's worth having!

Oh and is this considered a Pantsu shot?  ;D


oh wow, alter figs are always nice.


That's a great figure, as you stated, it's really detailed and cute. And DAT ASS! was a nice finishing touch.


Well Im glad you liked it!

Anyways here's another one

Figma Black Rock Shooter

Just got her yesterday  ;D


I am toooo lazy for single pictures :P and now i have a new big showcase, the pics are somewhat old then more stuff inside now and still 2 showcases without pictures :P



Has anyone told you that you are a gigantic faggot? <3 KENSHIN! RIDER! MAID RIN! SHANA!

Jesus fucking christ, when I get a job....

Oh where does anyone get showcases by the way? Internets?