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[H-Manga][English] Double Image Kafka

Started by inferno_flamex, November 09, 2011, 06:02:43 AM

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Double Image Kafka

"For me, adult games... ... ... ... Are a part of my life!"

Masaru is your everyday guy who absolutely loves eroge. To him it's his life! One day he opens a box and sees that it's not the eroge he ordered, but Masaru decides to try it out anyway........

He soon finds out that new 'H-game' could get a little too real, and more...

Contains Osananajimi (Childhood friend), Loli ojousama, Imouto, Oppai Sensei, & Meganekko characters... what do you expect? Its a 'H-Game!'...


And yes, as far as I know this title is complete.

Inferno's Rant Space... ... ... read only if you love me~ <3
WTF!? >_<

... ... ... Hmmm, I have no idea how to make that image smaller with tags... uggh.

Anyway, thought I'd somehow 'give back' to the Kureha community with its lovable mod-maid... Been leeching and stalking the forums for awhile now. Technically, moar stalking and less leeching but yeah... Not as active as I'd wanna be..
So here's a 'forget-me-not' gift to everyone here... And sorry for not being as active as I used to be...

Its a good read, for me at least. Nothing too rough, or forced, weird, NTR-ish... Its a light read me thinks, but at the end of it all, it seriously makes you think... and boy does it make you think...

So hope you guys enjoy...

PS... ... Zy, you're still the best bro. XDDDD




Don't worry, tomorrow no one will remember you.


Don't worry, tomorrow no one will remember you.

Do I get an awesome title that says something like... ...
"The Forgotten"
... or something like that?



The true "The Forgotten" title is not having a title at all. That way we will keep forgetting about you.