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Visual Novel translation status (updated on October 20th 2013)

Started by Mana, November 09, 2010, 10:57:11 PM

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Nice didn't even know there was a Baldr Sky tl project. Looks like G-senjou is close to completion finally. Flyable heart going damn fast. Release Kara no Shoujo damn it.


Baldr Force EXE, was dropped after the C&D?


Baldr Force EXE, was dropped after the C&D?

You seem to have some reading comprehension problems...

If you have any questions, feel free to join the discussion on /jp/. I will rephrase it: I didn't collect any of this information, so ask on the proper place, where you'll actually get answers, and if you don't want to bother going there, then don't expect a proper answer.


Is there some kind of index or overview on /jp/?
I can't quit understand how this thing works... or at least, if it's working the way it seems to be (just an unsorted list of threads), it would be quite a hassle to follow it... too much a hassle...
Please don't mind me. Most of the time I don't make much sense... and mostly I don't even try to.


It is an unsorted list of the most recently posted on threads. That's why there is a link for the proper thread on the first post, and if the thread 404s, you can just create another asking what you want to know.


Too much anarchy...
Well, so you get my gratitude for relieving me (and others) of the task of actually searching for this kind of information.

PS: Hurray, 100 Posts done... infinite to follow.
Please don't mind me. Most of the time I don't make much sense... and mostly I don't even try to.


theres also the translation library although the updates are not as frequent

ooh i got an extra star now :o


There was no need to post it, I would eventually update the first post.


What's Nitro Royale? VNDB doesn't seem to have a listing for it.



Yeah, I just wanna try Saya and maybe the guy from Kikkokugai.


Can someone share the full translation patch to Miss Leet in Prison?  At jp it was mentioned that translation was complete.

P.S.: found it already  :)