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flyable heart trans

Started by n0/!, December 15, 2014, 11:59:20 PM

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last thread was a year old, so...  I tried using 1152, but the executables always went to 0b.  Anyone have 1151 install and 2 upgrade?

Geckoey Lurker

First and foremost, know that this 'translation' patch is machine-translated and, from what I remember, is pretty terrible, possibly headache-inducing, even if it's been slightly edited. The start isn't all that bad, but it gets worse.

Secondly, don't be afraid of necro-reviving threads within reason, otherwise make a thread in the request board rather than straight in here.

And finally, well, I'm actually gonna let someone else figure this one out for ya. All I can say is that I managed to install the patch on my clean set-up of FH but it was really laggy and would crash past the main menu, to note I forgot to install the font so this may be part of the reason. Took me a few minutes to re-find their site. Either way, make sure that you're in Japanese Locale, could be why your install keep pooping.