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[Discuss]TraitorAIZEN PDF index

Started by OmegaLKSG, August 22, 2018, 10:32:28 PM

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Huy Bui

Hi, I really like your work and effort in sorting light novel pdf. This time, I start watching Spice and Wolf and want to download pdf to read them. But this is the first time I have encountered packs from the Mega app and I do not know how to take the pdf out of the packs individually after downloading them from the links. Can you tell me how to get them from those packs or can you separate each link of each pdf like other light novels that you have done? (just anyway to get the pdf) Thank you so much.



Thank you for your work !

Would you consider doing Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God ?



Im new here and im trying to read the novel (regressor instruction manual) but i cant read anything after v5

Can anyone tell me how? :-\



Wow. Thanks for your hardwork in compiling the novels.
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Having these in a convenient list is very nice, thanks  :)