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From what I've searched, this has been series is completed in Japan at 3 Volumes only. Apparently it didn't do to well in 2016, though it saw a upright in popularity 2018, but nothing that special for a comeback. A rushed ending apparently. Vol 1 was very stereotypical, but I still enjoyed it. Sad to see it end at 3 vols.
must be because its the common dense harem protag stereotype.
good novel idea, bad execution;
standard game mechanics in fantasy setting, over the top status with a 6 to 10 digit index. over all review, Shitty yet readable.
Thank a lot for the update Bro Aizen.
Thank you for the epub! I hope Ascendance of a Bookworm will get an epub too. Thank you!
Doudemo ii Sekai Nante -Qualidea Code-

Description - The story takes place in a world where people continue their war against the “unknown”—the enemy of humanity. Children who have been evacuated to a cold sleep facility during the invasion by the “unknown” several decades ago wake up from their slumber and learn that their bodies developed some supernatural forces. In order to protect the country from the “unknown” emerging from the Tokyo bay gate, the boys and girls wage battles in the defense the cities of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba.

Genre -
Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, School Life, Sci-fi, Supernatural.

Vol 1  PDF  EPUB

Vol 2  PDF  EPUB
Translation of Volume 8 finished
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