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Is it in English??
I mean with built I. English patch??

---Light Novel---

                     Volume 02: Download [J-Novel Club]
                     Volume 03: Download [J-Novel Club]

Link of Vol. 2 send you to Vol. 3 while Vol. 3 sends you to Vol. 2
All Ages / ❀ Own Bought ❀ [VN] Truth: Disorder II [v1.02]
« Last post by lsssk11331 on Today at 11:13:40 am »

Continuation of the favorite of many visual novels Truth: Disorder. This time you will feel yourself in the role of the captain of the spacecraft of the future and plunge into computer simulations. The second part also reveals and complements the plot of the first.

[From Steam]

Game Information:
Title: Truth: Disorder II
Developer: JustE A
Publishers: (English) JustE Publishing
(Russian) JustE Publishing

Relations: Prequel: Truth: Disorder

More Information:


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 Truth: Disorder II [v1.02] (109.33 MB)

Password on attachments.
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / Re: [LN][PDF][Eng] Last Embryo
« Last post by Syrric on Today at 09:24:14 am »
hey is anyone available to post the short stories here too? frozen has links up to a very solid chunk of them (there are alot), but currently my phone is the only thing i have so i cant do it myself
Thank you very much
Any PDF for this?
Doujin games. 18+ / Re: Doujin Games Compilation
« Last post by Himeko-chan on Today at 03:57:20 am »
Anyonne else getting decryption errors when trying to download any of these files from mega?
Thanks for creating epubs of Release That Witch!
It seems all links were deleted
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / [CN][ENG][WN] Release That Witch
« Last post by saca312 on Today at 02:25:22 am »
Release That Witch


Chen Yan travels through time, only to end up becoming an honorable prince in the Middle Ages of Europe. Yet this world was not quite as simple as he thought. Witches with magical powers abound, and fearsome wars between churches and kingdoms rage throughout the land.

Roland, a prince regarded as hopeless by his own father and assigned to the worst fief, spends his time developing a poor and backward town into a strong and modern city, while fighting against his siblings for the throne and absolute control over the kingdom. Join Roland as he befriends and allies with witches and, through fighting and even farming, pushes back invaders coming from the realm of evil.


Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Mystery Seinen Supernatural


Chapter 1-899 EPUB

Chapter 900-949 EPUB
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