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Aizen-san, it has reached chapter 251, could you please help in compiling it all?

Especially since The translator got DMCA, and it will be pulled out within 3 days.
Thanks you for the new volume.
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / Re: [LN][PDF] Rain
Last post by isekai - Today at 01:11:11 AM
the translation still continue for this novel?
The translation still continue for this novel?
the ending is difference from WN
thank you for reupload the link
The link doesnt work
wait im confused, what happened again to chronoa? and how is it again that hinata at present is just hinata? sorry i forgot i guess im getting old
Great character:
- Yes, was a man in her previous life.
- While she likes woman, it is really a non-issue thing as she likes martial artists more.  Just because she became a woman, did not change her sexual preference.  She does not like men that way, but does treat them as "bros".
- Because of her character, she is incredibly talented at martial arts, but other than that, is still her original self, who is kind of a silly and simple person.
- Starts of incredibly ugly, as in the character creator, removed all appearance points to further spec into making a munchkin like character to play as.
- Is later picked up by a Master who notices her talent, however decides the first thing needed for this disciple is to tame that wild personality, teach them an art that makes one beautiful (thus fixing the appearance to look like what you see on the cover after mastery).  As well as teaching 42 ways (needed to be memorized) on how to do hair and how to act...
- The how to act part didn't really stick.  She can kind of do it, but her original personality is still the main thing.
- Speaking of the original personality, she is "morally good"....
- However almost all of her martial arts (because of how she built her character) are some of the most evil ones around.
- She also truly enjoys killing.  Finding that as good as using a sword is, when using her own hand to pierce one's skull, is even more exhilarating and euphoric.  On top of loving the feel of bathing in the blood (literally) of people while she's killing them.
- But because she is "morally good", she only kills people with bad karma (of which because of her game like system, she can see a number above someone's head when she looks and if it is negative, that means negative karma, bad person).
- Of course being a murim world, killing bad people isn't a bad thing, so she's just living life to the fullest as a "good person".

It's a silly fun read so far.
There is no romance or anything of that like so far for the MC.  There are no tags for it either on NovelUpdates.
Also is this your NU acc