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Circle latte art
Age RatingsX-rated
Work Format            RPG / Inc. Music         
File Format            EXE         
GenreCross-section View / Slice of Life/Daily Living / Internal Cumshot / Breast Milk / Coercion/Compulsion / Mob Sex
File Size769.12MB

It's been half a year since you ended up in this world full of NPCs.
With no way to return, you figure you might as well go violate the NPCs
to release your pent up sexual energy.

And so your other world sex life begins...

Town girls, nuns, princesses, mages, swordswomen, bunny girls,
adventurers, the four heavenly lords, destroyer goddesses, etc...

Simply violate NPC girls in this game!
Contains two endings, with a small bit of story.
Talk to them and go straight to sex.
* Contains some NTR themes

28 NPC characters
32 sex scenes total

32 base CG
28 pose art
793 total including text-less CG

* This game is created with RPG TKool MV

Resolution: 1024x736
+ Message skip function
+ Remove message window
+ Switchable clothed / naked options
+ Gallery included (Unlocked after viewing the ending)

Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.


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Download Link:
NPC SEX - A World Where You Can Violate Girls Without Resistance 2 Download (794 MB)