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Circle Shimizuan
Age RatingsX-rated
Work Format            RPG / Inc. Music         
File Format            EXE         
Language                        English                     
GenreElder Girl x Younger Boy / Internal Cumshot / Blowjob/Fellatio / Reverse Rape / Shota / Oneesan/Older Girl/Older Sister
File Size316.18MB

** Prologue

At a far away land, there was a prince named Sita.
One day, a carrier pigeon arrived with a letter.
"Sita! As promised, lets go slime hunting!
I'll be waiting at the Taril Forest. Hope you get going upon reading this! Mylia"

Sita, full of excitement and curiosity, dashed out of the castle to initiate his adventure.

** Gameplay

The in-game events varies each time you play the game and clear it.

Sita can choose to "Meditate" by praying to the statue of the Goddess.
Gain an upper hand on battles by extending Sita's strengths!

Sita eventually forms a team larger than 10. Of whom Sita is the only male!
Each lady possesses a unique skill to facilitate Sita's journey.

The protagonist, prince Sita was the royal family's crown jewel.
During his first journey, he is surrounded and bullied by the ladies.

With the striking battle balance and configurable game difficulty, you can experience smooth gameplay.

The game can be played multiple times after completion.
Each new round results in more options to choose from. Resultantly, the story changes.

The erotic scenes are reverse rape.
Despite Sita's dislike, the ladies relentlessly pounce on the prince!

Would prince Sita's penis survive the offense?
Ejaculation after ejaculation... The ladies continue to desire his penis.

God only knows where the prince's adventure would lead to.

* There are cheat codes to skip the game and replay the scenes.
Those that are unfamiliar with PC games should not be repelled. You can jump directly to the sex scenes.

** Demo ver

You can play the opening chapters with the Demo ver.
There's no need to install anything.

More Information:

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