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Circle Mitarashi Dango
Last ModifiedFeb/17/2019
Age RatingsX-rated
Work Format            Simulation / Inc. Voice / Inc. Music / Inc. Anime         
File Format            EXE         
Language                        English                     
Genre3D Works / SM / Sexual Training / Reverse Rape / Submissive Man / Anal / Futanari/Hermaphrodite
File Size2.37GB
OthersVR version supports Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.

* Your Futanari Dominatrix' Sadomasochistic Discipline in Realtime 3D
This is a Realtime 3D/VR game for masochist males.
Please enjoy virtually experiencing a course of pegging disciplines
given by your futanari sexaroid named "M001-MOMIJI".
There's no problem if you do not have a VR headset.

Recommended for those who love futanari girls and femdom and have masochistic desires!

* A wide variety of plays with full use of Real-time 3D + Femdom + Futanari!
* Covers softcore to hardcore masochistic situations!
* Over 90 minutes of sweet and sadistic verbal abuses!
* Japanese voices are lip-synced! (no subtitles)
* Interface in English for easy navigation!
* Breasts, penis and balls jiggle realistically thanks to the physics engine
* Employing "spatializer (3D audio technology)", you will listen to her as if she is there (only for VR)
* Free touching (only for VR)
* Choose your favorite room out of three choices!
* Dress-up system implemented! You can dress/undress her anytime!
* Pose mode implemented! Customize your dominatrix with a variety of clothes, rooms, poses and expressions!
* Photo mode implemented! Cut the choicest moments out!
* Can be controlled with a numeric keypad (only for non-VR)
* JOI with dirty words on bed implemented! She continues teasing you until you fall asleep!

* Supports Both VR and Non-VR Playing
Includes both Desktop version (non-VR version) and VR version.

[Supported VR Headsets]
- Oculus Rift CV1

* Please install SteamVR prior to playing VR version.
* Supports Oculus touch and VIVE Controller input.
* Non-VR version is played with a mouse and a keyboard and VR version is played with the VR device's controller.
* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

* Gameplay
[Dress-up Function Implemented (for both VR and non-VR)]
You can dress/undress her anytime, including before and during sex.

[FPS/TPS Toggle (for both VR and non-VR)]
In the FPS mode, you see the scenes from the first person point of view.
In the TPS mode, you can move the camera to enjoy the scenes from angles of your choice.

[Auto-camera Mode (only for non-VR)]
In this mode, the camera moves automatically like anime.
Please enjoy it hands-free.

[Dirty Word Choosing Pad (only for non-VR)]
By clicking the pad or using the numeric keypad, you can
choose what voice clip to be played instead of random playing.

[Realistic Responses to Your Actions (only for VR)]
She makes various responses to your acts of
touching, kiss and even looking at particular places.

[Automatic Switch between Controller and Hand (only for VR)]
When you get the controller close to her, it automatically changes to
a model of a hand to avoid lessening your feeling of immersion.

[Pose Mode & Photo Mode (for both VR and non-VR)]
You can customize your dominatrix with a variety of clothes, poses and expressions.
28x poses and 21 facial expressions are contained.
Take photos and save your own fap materials as many as you want.

* Location of taken image files (subject to change in updates):
- VR: Folder that contains the game execution file
- Non-VR: Under My Picture

* Flow of Sex Part
The sex scene has for parts:
- Before Sex
- During Sex
- Ecstasy
- After Ecstasy
You can choose when to move on to the next part.

* From Pegging to Infantilazation--The Forbidden Futanari Sex
The VR Sexaroid "M001-MOMIJI" supports a wide range of "masochist plays".
She will sometimes order you and the other times kindly violate you to gradually
drive you into orgasm. Her repertoire includes: blowjob, cowgirl sex,
reverse fellatio, pegging, infantilization, urethra teasing, threesome
cumdump assault, smegma cleaning, irrumatio and so on and on.

* As a Feminine/Dry Orgasm Supporter (only for VR)
This game is created aiming to suffice three necessary things for dry orgasm:
Excitement(imagination), Relaxation and Concentration on Pleasure.
Thus, this game can be used as an ideal tool for trying to get dry orgasms
with virtual femdom experiences of being pegged.

* System Requirements
[Desktop Version]
Intel core-i3 or greater
Intel HD Graphics 630 or greater

[VR Version]
Intel i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200, FX4350 or greater
NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti /AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater

* Update Info
- Bugs fixed

More Information:

Download Link:
Non-VR Version Download (1.19 GB)

VR Version Download (1.10 GB)