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I'm thinking about starting a web novel...Where should i start?


Well, i finally got inspired and wanted to start a web novel series, but i really don't know in which site should i post it. Any suggestions?

There are lots of sites where you could start writing your web novel. Wattpad, Wordpress, heck, even Tumblr. It depends on how and where you want your story to be published. You could write on Wattpad so that when your story gets popular enough, you can get featured and get more views easier. Wattpad also lets people find your stories easier. You could also put your story up on a personal blog like Wordpress. Personal blogs let you have more freedom in editing and it is more personal. If you're popular enough, you could even get money from ad revenue if your chosen blog site supports it. I'm doing the latter option and writing my story in my Wordpress blog because I like being able to customize the way my writing and font looks more freely but it's a matter of personal preference.

Or you could just put your story up on both options. It's up to you really. As long as your story is good, eventually you would get more and more people reading your story. Maybe even get a real physical published book one day.

this place is quite flexible...pc or mobile.
be sure to promote them in the forums.

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