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[Light Novel][ENG]Girls Kingdom
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:14:57 am »
Girls Kingdom

Story : Nayo
Art: Shio Sakura
Translated by : Momoko Saito
Publisher: GL Bunko

“Well then, Misaki, you are my Seraph from now on” A beautiful girl said to me. Himeko Amanotsuka. That’s her name. I met this beauty on the other side of the wall, which I climbed over to avoid being late for my entrance ceremony. Ms. Himeko is a lady from very wealthy family and she is a student enrolling in the Socialite course of the academy. She also has a title as an acting executive director. For some reasons which I don’t understand, Ms. Himeko liked me so much that she gave me a golden school badge to make me her Seraph. What would happen to my peaceful school life that I dreamed of? By the way, what is a Seraph?!


Vol 1 & 2

Omnia Magna Stella Rex Prae~