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[RPG] 16days [v11.00]
« on: June 04, 2018, 08:37:17 pm »

You salvage the survivor schoolgirls in the school which is full of zombies.
Cooperating with them, collect foodstuffs and weapons to survive and escape.
Those items are all things you are familiar with, it's not a fantasy world.
Also, you can provide foodstuffs you collected to the girls.

* Symbol Encounter / Field Map
Zombies are strolling around the map.
To fight, or to dodge? It's your decision.
However, there might be no escape once you are surrounded,...

* Love Meter System
Provide foodstuffs to these girls to win their hearts.
Different characters have different likes and dislikes, and they will show
different facial expressions and attitudes in response to what food you give.

* Side-View Battle / 6 Party Members (max)

* e-mote Animation
Conversations and erotic scenes are expressed in e-mote animations.

* Replay Value
If you cleared this game with things left undiscovered, don't worry.
You can re-start the game to complete it, as this game is created with great replayability.

* Added Episode
Human extinction scenario is included.
(Not recommended to play if you rather want to finish it with happy ending.)
Adult Only / Windows (Installation not required)

[Important Notice]
Category that this game belongs to shifted from ADV to RPG.

Game Information:
Released Date: Aug/11/2017
Last Modified:Apr/09/2018 
More Information: DLSite


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 16days [v11.00] (262.74 MB)

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