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TitleNiizuma Tamaki ~Tamaki no Aisai Nikki + Harem End no Sorekara~
Original title新妻環 ~環の愛妻日記 +ハーレムENDのそれから~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer裸足少女 / Hadashi Shoujo
Publishers(Japanese) 裸足少女 / Hadashi Shoujo
RelationsOriginal game  新妻こよみ / Niizuma Koyomi
Sequel to Tamaki’s route from the original game this Fan Disk relates to; Soushirou has succeeded in becoming Tsukidade’s renowned ceramist, and married his daughter Tamaki while at it; it has been four years since Soushirou and Tamaki met each other, she has grown into an even more beautiful lady, the couple enjoy their fulfilling marriage with their little baby daughter Towa. This blooming family life is recorded every day in Tamaki’s Picture Diary.

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