Author Topic: Dec 11th 2017 Forum News  (Read 1234 times)

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Dec 11th 2017 Forum News
« on: December 11, 2017, 10:35:51 am »
Main router died, running on backup router, throughput reduced to 1/3rd of normal speed.
Shouldn't affect non-peak hr traffic, but will be noticeably slower during peak hrs.

Ordered power supply for main router, don't know if it's the router or the power supply that died.
If it's the router then it's going to take a while to gather enough funds to procure a suitable replacement.

-The Management

Edit: Gmail did something and screwed the email sender over again forum hasn't been able to send mail since Dec-04-2017.

Edit2: Normal service speed resumed, new power supply did the trick, though the white outer shell on the router is a bit browned.
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