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An Overdue Introduction
« on: October 30, 2019, 12:34:26 am »
Hey minna-san! Im ejtmarcos69! unfortunately and as you can clearly see, i used my real name in creating my account and thus this made me hesitant to post any introductions. I am afraid of knowing other people.

Before this account i created a year ago, i often visit this site as a guest for a long time, though i cant exactly remember how many years ago was it. I just leech on any good LN and WN i can find. It is relaxing to read these stories after a long day at school. Though there were many nights that became mornings where i just read novels, search if there are any manga and anime adaptations of it, fanfictions and doujins. especially ecchi ones. this made my life bearable in the harshest of times.

So, here i am now, thinking its time i contribute even just a little bit in this community (it would be great if someone can teach me how), I decided after a long time to give my due respects to all you wonderful people out there who translate, scan, and share this amazing creations made by the minds of man. to those people who buys the raws and share it, you guys are heroes. Oh, and if you did take the time to read this late and boring intro of mine, i thank you for reading this and know that you are awesome and that somebody is thankful for all the small yet good things you did for others, in online or in our real lives. so, i hope we can all get along.

sorry for the long post. here's an imaginary potato.
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Re: An Overdue Introduction
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2019, 03:47:34 pm »
You can contribute by actively starting conversations.
Other ways of contributing requires reading stickies in different boards.