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Title: JUN 14 2018 Forum News
Post by: Kureha on June 14, 2018, 02:46:51 pm
Kureha One's main drive died dunno how many hours ago.
Thank god the GFS backup was good.
Data loss should be minimal, maybe 24~48hrs worth...

Kureha now remembers why K1 was moved to a SSD, server chews through HDDs for some unknown reason.
WD Black 1TB is still recognized by bios but has a transfer rate of around 3kbps.
Since the backup was good, and the data loss minimal, Kureha is not going to bother fiddling around with it.
K1 is now running on a Hitachi 500GB as there are no funds to source a new SSD.

Edit: Well crap, even though the backup was dated Jun 13th 2018 it only recovers up to March, so that's 2 or so months of posts gone.
Dang thing was reading off another older backup, everything is as annoying as heck.
Lost what ever posts were posted while running on the other backup.