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Commissioning Hentai

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Any of you guys ever do it? I kind of want to get a doujin or two translated but the idea of paying $20-50 for one makes it kind of hard to take the plunge. Plus I'm not sure what groups would give the best combination of reasonable prices, fairly fast delivery, and not-shitty translation. :P

Considering this forum's about sharing stuff for free I don't expect much but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask.

I've never done it, but I guess desudesu or saha would be the obvious choices.

you can also do ehentai if you have enough credits or hath on the site you can post bounties for people to translate for you
i would go with saha since he accepts more than just paypal
he even let me do money orders to pay

I never thought of ehentai. I usually don't have many credits there though, I spend them all on downloads.

the best way to get credits it to go on to hentaiverse and grind for them by battling monsters
that or posting galleries


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