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question about sex


i am new here and have a question. I am a virgin so i dont know how it feels to have sex but i have a question about penis. Could you have good sex with 11 cm/4,33 inch penis? i mean most japanese men have a 11cm maybe bigger or smaller and if they can have sex then could all have sex. But if i watch porns or hentais they have a monster cock. I know not all men have a monster cock but i dont have see other cock in my life so could you answer me. And if you had sex and have a 11cm could you tell me your opinion ????

Sorry for my english xD

Never go by porn or hentai it is too far from reality, Really confidence is the most important part of getting a woman in bed if you don't have confidence in your size be confident with your skill making her feel good. Make her cum once before penetration then focus on making her feel good during. Every woman has something that really turns them on if you can find that then even if you had a micropenis ( you don't) you can have a good sex life. 
Here is a tip, post-orgasm caressing ( hugging, kissing, teasing) will really go a long way to making your partner satisfied. 
If you or anyone wants to know anything I'm here. Sex/ relationship advice and questions might as well share what the last decade has taught me.

You should draw a clear distinction between hentai, and real life, or it will make you fall into deep despair...
With all the NTR being flung around in both pron and hentai, it makes you view the world as a very dark, and grim place.

Though, you should also not fall into the false believe that RL is all bubbles and sparkles either, judging from how often news of fathers unknowingly bringing up children of unrelated DNA sequences.


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