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Rules and Tags

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Going to be fixing up, introducing new tags and blah blah blah

[KN] VN with no choices like Planetarian
[H-Game] Standard Nukige like Moero Down hill night.
[H-VN] Visual Novel with H-content
[VN] Visual Novel with no H-content Obsolete, Visual Novels with no H-content, belong in the All ages section.
[Yaoi] Boy x Boy
[Yuri] Girl x Girl
[English] English content Obsolete, if it's in this section and it's not tagged with [Partial Eng] it should be English
[Partial Eng] Partially in English (not fully translated)
[RPG] Role Playing Game, this includes jRPG sRPG and other RPG varients for now. Games with no H belong in the all ages section.
[Incomplete] Game not complete
[日本語] Japanese Raw Japanese Raws belong in the Raw section.

This is so things are easier to search for and tell what kind of content is in the post.

It will take a while to go through and retag everything so tags will be messed up for a while.

New! Now introducing tagging system for even more easier and better tagging!

*raises his hand* What do we do with the Japanese titles? Do we continue tagging them as [日本語] or there should also be an English tag for them, like [Japanese], for example?

EDIT: I will avoid to change titles that I don't know or that I haven't played, so that I don't tag them the wrong way.

Whats the difference between [Partial Eng] and [Incomplete] ?

Incomplete means the game itself isn't complete, Demos would go under the Incomplete tag

Katawa Shoujo is an english Freeware... so... would it be a doujin game?



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