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I've preempted to make this thread for the project before it gets trolled to death on /jp/, though that may be a bit too late. But I'll post the concepts art here anyway, and later the actual plot concept if and when we actually decide on something solid.

Tentative plot summary:
The MC is a hiki whose parents died, and had been living off his inheritance. He wasted most of his youth and money just browsing the internet and sleeping the days away. In his late 20s, he realize he is starting to run out of money and he was eventually kicked out of his house. Wandering around the streets like a hobo, he was close to planning on killing himself. Luckily, a church girl spotted him, and takes him to a homeless shelter (warehouse) where he meets other homeless people. Initially, he is a moocher, but as he interacts with other characters, he begins to change and help "work" for his meals.

Take 2:
Protag: Graduated from high school fine, only 1 true friend made though (Chris). Had high aspirations in life, applied to many schools. Parents died and left him a lot of money. He became depressed/NEET. Mooches off parent's money for many years till he runs out of money and is kicked out. More shit, but just basics.

Character: MC, Nina (Artistic Girl), Lucetta (Church Girl), Alexis (Homeless Reverse trap bro), Chisame (Homeless Trap Bro), Chris (High school friend/homeless bro)
Routes: Nina, Lucetta, Harem (?)
Ends: Nina (Good), Lucetta (Good), Harem (Good), Bad end (?)

Character descriptions

Blond twintail with yellow eyes (suggest white ribbons with long hair behind even when in twintail mode
Chest size should be around B (padded)

A a sailor based top with the kind of skirt adult nanoha wears with her barrier jacket? small skirt inside large trailing skirt thing outside? Black with yellow trim

Lucetta to be black hair, green eyes, light skin.
Short nun outfit, No Habit
Rents warehouse? homeless bros work for her. They're homeless, not jobless (except for MC). They probably know/feel like she's exploiting them, but they don't care. (might also have followers?)

Chris and Alexis have red hair and hazel eyes. Nina to have brown hair, blue eyes

Story drafts:

Gallery with all collected pictures thus far:

Music ideas:

Other project threads:

Old archived threads:

Not trying to nit pick of anything but shouldn't character designs be full body?

I believe these are just fairly informal sketches, full body designs will probably come up once they are more formalized.

Also, realized you can't see attachments as Guest, so I've added the Photobucket gallery in the first post as an alternative.

Just going to point out that you're welcome to use the K1chan imageboard service that is also on this server.

Duly noted.


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