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[VN] Detective Kobayashi - A Visual Novel [v1.5.29]



TitleKobayashi Masayuki Fuchou Zhi Mishi Zhong ZhibanOriginal title小林正雪復仇之密室重制版Developer傅真 / Fu Zhen & Yahu / YahuPublishers(Chinese) Genuine Studio / Genuine Studio
(English) Giiku Games / Giiku Games
(German) Giiku Games / Giiku Games
RelationsSame series  端木斐 VS 小林正雪 / Duanmu Fei VS Kobayashi Masayuki
Play famous detective Kobayashi in this one-of-a-kind visual novel: Investigate crime scenes, interview suspects and collect clues to get to the bottom of 5 different crime cases that will challenge Kobayashi's skills and delve into a past he has been trying to forget. But be careful: People will try to fool you, and you never know who is really pulling the strings. Your team members will help - or sometimes hinder - you on the way to uncovering the truth, while you collect important clues and evidence to ensure that when you finally face the criminal, he will have no option but to confess!

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