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[VN] Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan ep1 v3.00e + ep2 v4.00e



TitleMoe Moe Nazi Shoujo Goeppels-chanOriginal title燃え萌えナチス少女ゲッペルスちゃんDeveloperWarMachine / WarMachinePublishers(English) WarMachine / WarMachine
This is a slightly different history to the world we know.

Having been appointed propaganda minister at the age of 14, the genius girl Geri Goeppels, together with her private secretaries Rolly and Flute, is up to all sorts of secret maneuvers.

In Episode 1 they have a conflict with France regarding the broadcast of propaganda.

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Episode 1 Version 3.00E Download (104.2 MB)

Episode 2 Version 4.00E Download (163.6 MB)


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