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I would down and re up this but I'd rather wait for the edited version. All those in favour say "Aye!" a pirate =D

just about time... blick winkel said this is still unedited, but just how bad is the patch unedited? anybody have tried it yet?

project website : i found 2, but it looks like they are the same... person?

Those two links are the same thing, with e17 one as more of personal blog and shourai as the group's blog.
Apparently there's still many problems such as font bug in chapter 2 which causing crash, some anon on jp already making fix of that.
I'd rather wait for the stable one from the tl team itself though. walkthrough and achievement stuff

Edit: gaijin friendly ver

Aye Aye sir!!!

But man they've sure been flying through this, maybe we will see a complete patch by Christmas after all~

I've planned to wait for the complete official release of the group anyway. Just gonna download the VN to prepare for it. XD

i can't understand the walkthrough

i don't care about the Achievements what i want is how to get the heroin's


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