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TitleAkaOriginal title朱-Aka-LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)Developerねこねこソフト / NekoNeko SoftPublishers(Japanese) ねこねこソフト / NekoNeko Soft
(Chinese) 星空网 / Seikuu Network
RelationsShares characters  麻雀 / Mahjong
Fandisc  ねこねこファンディスク2 / NekoNeko Fan Disc 2
ねこねこソフト おかえしCD5 / NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 5
Prequel  銀色 / Gin'iro
Desert states in ancient times...
■ Chapter 1 Aramis
The power of Aramis is power to erase memories. Main character “Kadan” protects her.
They flee to the desert and reflect on their actions and goals.
■ Chapter 2 Thasa
Main character Thasa is a thief. She travels from city to the city across the desert with the orphan girl Tutu. They search for their place in life.
■ Chapter 3 Fau
Main character Wez is a traveler from the west. One day he is saved from dying by doctor Fau. They start to live together, but soon Wez notices "amber gem" that Fau is wearing ....
■ Chapter 4 Luta
Main character Luta comes from a normal family, but fate introduces him to Latta girl who comes from a wealthy family.

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