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[Request][WN] Records of Dungeon Travel (Dungeon Odyssey)

Started by Shioon Breaker, October 04, 2022, 01:47:10 PM

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Shioon Breaker

Hi, I would like to request for someone (Aizen or Azura Ren, I choose you!) to compile this short novel of only 320 chapters ( The novel is already fully translated...

Name: Records of Dungeon Travel
Other Name (with manga too): Dungeon Odyssey
Author: Geulump
Webnovel Page:

If someone could make the PDFs and EPUB would be amazing.
Thank you.
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I apologize if sometimes some of my comments could be misspelled but English is not my main language.
I am Italian and I am learning English by reading many novels so sorry for any mistakes...

Ahamed Faisal