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[Request][LN[Non MTL]][PDF/Weblink]Poor to Rich/Hidden or Secret Billionaire

Started by Calisthule, December 08, 2021, 03:46:00 AM

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Anyone got any good recommendations for Poor to rich novels or secretly rich novels like Billionaire God of war, etc that have large amounts of chapters online. Preferably ones without the stereotypical bitchy mother in law, but I don't mind those too much as long as the mother in law recognises her ways.  I would also prefer the novel to be set in modern time or only slightly futuristic.

I am looking for translated novels that are not translated via machine but by a person.
I don't mind if they are not complete but would like it to have a large amount of chapters and currently ongoing as I've read quite a few which got to great parts and either the translation has taken a break or the original author stopped releasing chapters.

I also don't mind if it desolves or combines cultivation.