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[REQUEST][WN] The beggining after the end

Started by elperrin, April 02, 2019, 11:31:02 PM

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I know this is a premium novel from tapas ,but the only place i was able to find volume 5 for free was in this forum.
Can someone help me find the chapters of volume 6 from tbate novel??(pdf if it is posible)
Thanks  :D


Eventually someone will get onto making a pdf for the 6th volume when it comes out or becomes available. I'm assuming it hasn't been made either because the 6th volume hasn't been finished yet or that the PDF makers are busy, so you only have to be patient.

On the other hand though, for cases such as this, you should probably just leave a reply on the thread of the novel itself here:";topicseen ", rather than making an entirely different thread. I'm not too clear on the rules about this(mostly because I couldn't be bothered to read and comprehend everything).