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Seikon no Qwaser

Started by Zerokraust, February 04, 2010, 03:33:35 PM

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Anybody here already watched the first few episodes of "Seikon no Qwaser"? Well I say this is a must watch anime' for us guys! No its not because of "Boobiness", I'm talking about what will be its impact on the anime' industry now that they released such an anime' (By far I have watched "Mnemosyne" boobs were shown, same sex sex[YURI] and spilling blood is everywhere), See I'm excited what I'll be reading in the next few months on blogs and everything that will scathe this anime' out!

Kampaii! Nomo! nomo!


Hmmn I've not started on this season yet because I was waiting to see the groups to choose from, any recommendations on which group to download?


just wait for the dvd/blu-ray
I think it's heavily censored or something



I just typed in the title and searched for torrents, If I'm not mistaken I dled the torrent in nyaatorrents, An uncensored one coz people always say that whats the point of putting up those scenes if later they will be censored or cut
try downloading episode 1 for a preview  :)


Some groups are doing the "Director's Cut" version, which is complete with all the boobs and panties that people so coveted. The show is heavily butchered without it, with like random scenes where the sexual aspects were replaced by pictures of the sky or something.


Yes that's right but I think a lot of people will condemn this anime', it also involves religious topics in it, mix it up with the bloody and obscene scenes, there goes "Sasha" drinking breastmilk and butchering up people in the name of God  ;D