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Nanodesu starts 5 new Light Novel translation

Started by Oediv, September 09, 2015, 06:42:00 PM

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checked the current results of it though not surprising gate is leading due to its ongoing anime and on its current pace only end at least volume 4 or 40+ chapter on manga my bad it seems they made this as split cour and currently ends at start of volume 3...btw some on the list have teasers already or translated a volume or 2 already


from nanodesu admin
"Projects must be active and past the first volume before violating the rule for the poll."

so its possible that something is already translated but it isnt past first volume or active now
but yeah gate is leading cause its running on TV now but i am also really interested in it

we will see what will be translated in the future
want to see "tokyo inroaded" but its not on the list, its a new novel from march
the story sounds interesting, but it will take time before someone start translation on it :/