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[Request][JP][WN][PDF/EPUB] Arafoo Otoko no Isekai (Translate Request)

Started by Jokasan, March 25, 2024, 01:21:46 PM

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Because this novel isn't translated yet, I wish for someone to take on this task.

in novel updates, this novel is already finished with 275 chapters.

Ted Crilly

You'd be far better off making this request on the Novel Updates forum because this is a sharing site, not a translating site. I don't think your request is against the rules, but in all the years I've been here I think I can only recall seeing one novel shared on here that was translated by the user sharing it. Meaning the translation of pretty much every novel on here was either fan translated, or is a rip of the officially publisher version.

Compiling the chapters of a web novel into a pdf/epub and then sharing it to fill someone's request is one thing. Translating it first is a fundamentally different ball game, and it's also means you're asking someone to put in hundreds of hours of work for no reward.